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About Us

We take pleasure to announce the opening of the new gallery in Maidstone, Xross-PolyNation.

If you visit Xross-PolyNation art gallery regularly:

"There is a great delight to be had in discovering new works of art on-view and in the finding works installed which cross nations with art Societies and juxtaposed with different objects"

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Winner of the month

Silvia Ranchicchio

Silvia travelled to New York, following her courses in drawing and computer design. The Big Apple has given her the opportunity to visit exhibitions and express visual languages ​​that flow from all over the world. She has worked with artists such as Vanessa Becford and Gilbert & George.

Congratulations to Silvia she’s won a lifetime membership to the gallery and will receive all member benefits.


"A line emerges in space, akin to an alive force, revealing its vitality. Latent forms become visible in a mysterious colour orchestration, governed by an impeccable formal logic. Intuition prevails. Space and symbols and verses appear like a nostalgic distant music.

They are perfections of a distilled genetics of profound India, the land, life and culture-original and refined expression of spiritual quest"

S.H. RAZA Paris 20

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Upcoming Events

1-30November, 2015

Giusi Tomasello Exhibition

4-15December, 2015

Silvia Ranchicchio Art Exhibition

1-29February, 2016

History of Carnival Event (Trinidad/Uganda)

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