Paintings at Xross-PolyNation

Painters at Xross-PolyNation


Sculpture at Xross-PolyNation

Sculpters at Xross-PolyNation


Pottery at Xross-PolyNation

Potters at Xross-PolyNation

Gallery at Xross-PolyNation

A few words about us…

"In the context of this exhibition in the gallery, refers to the coming together of a group of different artists and cultures who present independent issues of creative research, reflecting experiences through international travel. This group of highly motivated artists reflects a wide diversity of FOCI in terms of international activity. This has been a key strength for these contemporary practitioners who are at the forefront of the experience of fast communication systems and accessibility of information that is now transforming visual arts.

These Exhibits stand firmly in their own right as individual manifestation of the thinking process of the dynamic experiences undertaken.

To this effect the audience is invited to share and invest in these artworks. Not only as they stand before us, but also in the potential of what they point to in the future"

Richard Davies
University of Creative Arts



Hire Gallery Space for solo shows and events / or pay commission to the gallery. Previews are also included. We can assist with our database if needed. Frames are also available for hire.

Donations and Sponsors. Our ambitions and past experiences have been realised with the help of our sponsors. Which has always been highly valued, you will be able to raise your companies profile through our events and Social media Network. We are looking for sponsors to join us and help promote our vision.

Professional Artists 40% Commission upon sales.



Upcoming artists - £15 fee
Send C.V about yourself, Images of Art Work. Contact details, Fill in form.

Membership fee - £20 fee
Please send your C.V about yourself, Web links, Associations and contact details and the aim for the future with their creative practice.

Critical evaluation for the upcoming Artists. Buyer’s guidance for investments available for the benefactors interested.

Gift vouchers. Can buy from the website. 20% discount to whoever it is given too. If they recommend a friend also 20% discount on purchases.