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“A great exhibition with a wonderful cross cultural theme to it. I really enjoyed seeing it all”
The British High Commissioner in India; Sir Michael Arthur KCMG

“A marvellous collection reflecting feelings of a long and deep journeys inwards”
Secretary of the government of India and secretary of the Ayodhya commission of enquiry;
Dr S K Pachauri IAS

“Through your fine art manifestations you transport people into the unknown and mystic horizons with a beautiful and subtle message. I am deeply impressed”
National Geographic Photo Journalist; Kailash Dilwali

“Great efforts to bring together artists from across the nations Terrific work”
Canadian High Commissioner in India.

“Something new unique and different from the paintings we are used to”
Major General M. Singh


Upcoming Events

1-30November, 2015

Giusi Tomasello Exhibition

4-15December, 2015

Silvia Ranchicchio Art Exhibition

1-29February, 2016

History of Carnival Event (Trinidad/Uganda)

1-31March, 2016

Irish Art Exhibition "The Birth of Diaspora"

1-30April, 2016

UK Youth and African Artist Foundation

1-31May, 2016

Baljit Chardha Indian Art Exhibition

1-30June, 2016

Xross-PolyNation Art Competion Awards

1-31July, 2016

Zhen Shan Ren Chinese Art Exhibition

1-31August, 2016

Art of the Imagination Exhibition